Hi, I’m Kimberley

Brand Content Creation

Kimberley is a talented film maker and photographer hailing from England, currently based in Leiden, The Netherlands. With a specialisation in marketing video content, Kimberley excels in conceptualising, filming, photographing, producing, and editing content from start to finish, including production planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing. Her (Hons) Degree in Press and Editorial Photography gives her work a focus on photojournalism, resulting in an editorial-style approach to her photographic work with clients.

As a passionate, versatile, and visionary content creator, Kimberley has achieved extensive success in producing effective content in all forms of media, ranging from short to long narratives. In her free time, she enjoys collaborating with charitable organisations, NGOs, and small businesses in The Netherlands.

Her mission is to empower businesses and individuals worldwide by creating successful brand identities, providing creative solutions, and developing visual agendas that leave a lasting impact on target demographics. Think of her services as the right-brain of your brand or company – a creative component designed to enhance your creative choices, develop visual media for your use, and provide innovative ideas and consulting. Through her multi-media communication approach, she helps to improve business and service pleasure. Contact her today to bring your creative vision to life.